Witkowski - Custom Guitars has been created in 1981, making the electric guitars type of "solid body", at the beginning only for order, later its offer increased with models followed for examples of gitars made by such firms like Gibson, B.C.Rich, Fender, Ibanez and own models, that were result of experiences of many guitarists.
Our guitars are made of natural seasoned wood and accesories are from the best producers, like Gotoh - Japan, EMG - USA, DiMarzio - USA, Dunlop - USA, Seymour Duncan - USA.
The image of the firm are guitars of the "custom" serie, that are the highest class instrumens. They are only hand crafted, equiped with the best world's accesories and very often with unique constructions. The best exaple of "custom" serie are electric-custom and bass guitars.
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