We are happy to announce that our MUERTE guitar was auctioned at the WO¦P auction for PLN 11,400. Down with all opponents of Jurek Owsiak and the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity! Congratulations to the winner of the bidding and we wish him to play won guitar in good health until the end of the world and one day longer!

Presentation of ST4 Custom model

Presentation of T4 Custom model

Presentation of ST3 Custom model

It is said, that not only appearance is important.

Our second movie.
This time about "boiling" the pickups.

We're starting movies series about guitar crafting.
The first episode is about lacquer removal.
We'd also like to invite you to subscribing to our Youtube channel:

The Witkowski JaKo Custom NTB was featured as Bass of the Week on Best Bass Gear!

Check this out!

Witkowski Custom Guitars & Pickups movie remastered

The movie was recorded in 2009 and here you can watch the remastered version with better sound and image quality
(unfortunately it's still SD, but after color correction). I hope that in the future we will make new movie with HD quality.
I'd like to thank Wojciech Hoffmann for sharing with me his beautiful music, that you can listen during this movie.
All songs are from his solo album "Drzewa".

Get tips and lessons to learning the guitar with videos and tabs.


WoBi Custom

JaKo Custom NTB


You can contact us via form HERE.
You can also send us question about price HERE.

Sonny Jarrar and his Witkowski SJ Custom LH...
...and also twelve minutes of easy on the ear improvisation:

Witkowski B5-35 Custom as the guitar of the week at bestbassgear.com!

Check this out: B5-35 Custom.

Prototype of guitar made of "Staron" material.

It was presented on the Samsung's stand at The Tortona Design Week in Mediolan on 9-14 of April 2013.
More informations about this guitar in products/guitars tab.


Previous phone number +48 22 720 39 35 is now NOT AVAILABLE.
You can call us at +48 501 796 788.

New model: SJ Custom LH

New custom guitar SJ Custom LH in our guitar gallery.

Leszek Cichoński's "Thanks Jimi"

This wonderful song of Leszek Cichoński has been quite a few years, but still raises emotions as alive as when it was first listening.

Impression from Steve Vai's "Story of Light"

Steve Vai has charged us with positive energy. To this day we are impressed.
On picture below Marek Witkowski watches Steve's action:

Leszek Cichoński - "Co masz w głowie"

Cool video, good music and great sound of guitar - as always.
Leszek Cichoński is a very good guitarist. He knows what he wants and constantly aims the goal.
Well done!

The birthday gift for Jeff Beck ;)

On 21st of June, 2011 in Warsaw, there was a concert of one of the greatest rock guitarists - the unique Jeff Beck. On the occasion of the 67th birthday of Jeff (24th of June 1944) Witkowski Custom Guitars founded a special gift - the 3/4 size copy of guitar that Jeff plays. After the great performance, the gift was given to jubilat during the personal audience. Jeff Beck was very pleasantly suprised. Thus, another guitar giant has joined a special group of our friends guitar enthusiasts.

The moment of "Jeff 1944 Junior" giving:

"Fire" and "Death" arrived to our Shop ;)

I present you new possibility of decorating guitars with beautiful airbrush graphics in Drozd Design Airbrush Studio.
Two new guitars decorated with this techique are now in shop.

Meeting with Paul Gilbert

25th of November 2010 Paul Gilbert played concert in Warsaw club "Progresja". After the show we met him, talk for a while and exchanged our DVD with "How to build awesome guitar by hands" movie for the artist's latest album "Fuzz Universe" ;-)

New bas B5-35 Custom

You're more than welcome to look at our new bas:
B5-35 Custom model

New account number

We've changed our account number.
Here are the details.

Suwalki Blues Festival 2009:
On 17-19.07. in Suwalki (Poland) there was the blues festival,
where played among others Joe Bonamassa and Ten Years After.
After the concert Marek Witkowski met up with Joe Bonamassa to hear his opinion about pickups (magic 65
neck and bridge), which Joe received for testing during his last visit in Poland (concert in Warsaw).
The pickups have been installed in Gibson Flying V and the note was very high.
Joe Bonamassa received next pickups for testing (Classic 52 neck, Classic 55 neck, JBO bridge
oraz Distortion bridge). He said he will test these pickups in his guitars and give us feedback about sound.
Meeting with musicians from Ten Years After: Joe Gooch and Leo Lyons.

Concert Joe Bonamassa in Warsaw (24.04.2009):
Marek Witkowski met up with Joe Bonamassa after concert and gave him two pickups
for testing (Magic 65 neck i bridge).

MusikMesse 2009, Frankfurt am Main:
Wojtek Hoffmann at Witkowski Custom Guitars stand (videos):

Sonorous - short story...

New gallery of new, very exclusive models of Witkowski Custom Guitars:

Interview with Marek Witkowski on Musikmesse 2008 by Estrada i Studio (www.eis.com.pl, source):

Witkowski Custom Guitars at Musikmesse 2008:

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