Kirk Hammett

On November 3, 1998, at the Planeta club in Warsaw, Marek Witkowski and his son Adam met with the guitarist of Metallica - Kirk Hammett. On the occasion of the upcoming musician's birthday, Adam presented him as a gift the "Witkowski ST junior" guitar. The pleasant surprise and joy of Kirk from the received gift was indescribable ...

Steve Lukather

In February 1999, after the Toto's concert in the Congress Hall In Warsaw, Marek Witkowski and his son Adam met with the band's guitarist - Steve Lukather and handed him the "Witkowski LP junior" guitar. The musician was pleasantly surprised. If words officially considered vulgar were omitted, it could be said that Luke was enjoying himself like a child. Later, after playing this guitar connected to an amplifier, he announced in correspondence that the guitar is "awesome"...

Steve Vai

In April 2000, in the Congress Hall in Warsaw, after Steve Vai's concert, Marek and Adam Witkowski met with the guitar virtuoso. Especially for this occasion, Witkowski - Custom Guitars prepared a model from the junior series called "Vai's Ultimate Guitar", which was presented to Vai to commemorate the joint meeting. The master was very pleasantly surprised by this gesture. He couldn't help but admire the little guitar. Vai said he would use it on his new album ...

Joe Satriani

On July 12, 2002, after Joe Satriani's concert in the Congress Hall, Marek and Adam Witkowski met the guitar virtuoso and presented him with the guitar "Witkowski JS Junior" as a gift. The musician - apart from playing it for a while - examined it carefully. First of all, he noticed the perfectly (as he called it) installed frets, nice wood, artistic finish and some practical technical solutions that he lacks in some of his Ibanezes.

Gary Moore

On July 19, 2002, Gary Moore gave a concert in Spodek in Katowice. Before he went to Silesia, however, he met us at the Victoria Hotel in Warsaw. There we gave him a small Junior LP. Gary was delighted with the gift because the guitar looked exactly like the one he received from his friend Peter Green 30 years ago, except that it was (as he said) a bit smaller ... We witnessed his first impression - he repeated all the time: "wow!" Later, however, when he left the capital, he could not enjoy the guitar. Our friends, who accompanied Gary during his stay in Poland, said that Gary took Junior in his hand to play on it, whenever he had free time.

Mark Knopfler

In November 2000, at the 'Lokomotywa' club, there was a concert of the famous guitarist and vocalist of the legendary band Dire Straits - Mark Knopfler, who promoted his last solo album 'Sailing to Philadelphia'. The concert was a closed event attended only by members of the elite of the musical community. After the concert, there was a banquet at which Marek Witkowski gave Marek Knopfler a small guitar, the 'Witkowski ST3 junior' model. The musician was delighted with the gift. He said that he would finally be able to take his guitar with him on the plane (he was going to the Caribbean in a few days)…

On January 31, 2024, an auction of the artist's guitars took place at Christie's auction house in London. At lot 45 the 'ST3 Junior' was auctioned and eventually sold for £24,000.

Zakk Wylde

After Ozzy Osbourne's performance at the Ozzfest festival in May 2002, our friend Dziki met Ozzy's guitarist Zakk Wylde and handed him a miniature, faithful replica of his guitar on our behalf.

Jeff Beck

On June 21, 2011, in Warsaw took place a concert of one of the greatest rock guitarists - the unique Jeff Beck. On the occasion of Jeff's 67th birthday (June 24, 1944) Witkowski - Custom Guitars has prepared a special gift - a copy of the guitar played by Jeff in a 3/4 scale. After a great performance, Jeff received a gift during a personal audience. He was very pleasantly surprised. Another guitar giant joined a special group of our guitarist friends.